Fire Garden – It’s All About the Fire

This captivating collection of outdoor fire pits, fire pit burners, gas torches, and more feature the most alluring presentations of fire available and were crafted to provide the ultimate outdoor gathering space for any occasion. Allow Fire Garden’s mesmerizing flames to bring the magic to ‘The Great Outdoors’.

Outdoor Linear and Traditional Fireplaces

With an impressive ribbon of flame, reflective black glass fire backs, and large variety of decorative interior medias you are sure to elevate your outdoor space into an unforgettable experience. Sit back and relax knowing it is constructed with premium materials like heavy duty stainless steel and features the most robust and reliable 24V AC Hot Shot™ electronic ignition system on the market so you’ll be enjoying tyour Fire Garden Outdoor Gas Fireplace for years to come.

Complete Fire Pits and Linear Fire Pit Burners

Featuring heavy-duty stainless steel construction and tempered glass wind guards, Fire Garden™ Fire Pit Burners and Complete Fire Pits are perfect for all-weather installation, without the need for a roof or overhang. These weather-proof units do not require protective covers and are engineered to be enjoyed in all weather conditions, year-round.

Tempest Torches and Lanterns

The Tempest Torch™ and Tempest Lantern™ are dramatic decorative outdoor gas lamps that break the barriers of standard gas torch design. Their patented design features an enchanting spiral flame dancing within tempered glass walls. This natural venturi effect of fire in motion is created without the use of electricity or a fan.

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