Fire Garden Outdoor Fireplaces

With its impressive ribbon of flame, reflective black glass fire backs, and large variety of decorative interior medias you are sure to elevate your outdoor space into an unforgettable experience. Sit back and relax knowing it is constructed with premium materials like heavy duty stainless steel and features the most robust and reliable 24V AC Hot Shot™ electronic ignition system on the market so you’ll be enjoying the Fire Garden Outdoor Gas Fireplace for years to come.

  • Available in Single-Sided or See-Thru VENTLESS models
  • 65K – 120K BTU Stainless Steel burners
  • Standard LP Conversion kit
  • 3/8” Thick tempered glass wind screen 6” tall
  • Ability to control up to 6 Fire Garden™ or Tempest units off of one 24V transformer
  •  Standard Black Glass Fire Backs
  • 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Construction

Fire Garden Complete Fire Pits

They feature a sleek Graphite Powder Coated Finish that complements any outdoor setting. Available in three sizes, these Complete Fire Pits feature the most incredible, alluring presentations of fire you’ve ever seen and create the ultimate outdoor gathering space.

Featuring heavy-duty stainless steel construction and tempered glass wind guards, Fire Garden™ Complete Fire Pits are perfect for all-weather installation. These weather-proof units do not require protective covers and are engineered to be enjoyed in all weather conditions, year-round. Their All-Weather 24V Hot Shot™ Electronic Ignition is the most robust and reliable ignition system offered in the industry.

Tempest Torches & Lanterns

The Tempest Outdoor Gas Torches and Lanterns are dramatic decorative outdoor lighting that break the barriers of standard gas torch designs.

The Tempest Outdoor Gas Torches’ and Lanterns patented tempered glass housing design features an enchanting, dancing spiral of flame, creating and unforgettable and captivating visual experience.

Beyond its groundbreaking design, the Tempest Torches’ practicality and usability are just as impressive. The four-sided, open-air housing is designed to prevent the flame from going out during high winds or rainfall, but includes an automatic gas safety shutoff valve, should the flame ever go out. Choose the model that works best for you: the Manual Piezo ignition or the all-weather 24V AC Hot Shot™ electronic ignition system – the most robust and reliable ignition system offered in the industry.