Fire Garden Linear Fire Pit Burners

Available in three sizes, these Fire Pit Burners feature the most incredible, alluring presentations of fire you’ve ever seen and create the ultimate outdoor gathering space. Featuring heavy-duty stainless steel construction and tempered glass wind guards, Fire Garden™ Fire Pit Burners are perfect for all-weather installation. These weather-proof units do not require protective covers and are engineered to be enjoyed in all weather conditions, year-round. Their All-Weather 24V Hot Shot™ Electronic Ignition is the most robust and reliable ignition system offered in the industry.

Grand Canyon Ring Burners

Fire pits are the perfect way to congregate with friends and enjoy the enchantment of a dancing flame. In order to provide this experience to your guests, you must provide high quality, precision machined materials. Our fire pit rings are made of the highest grade 304 stainless-steel and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to easily fit any design requirement. With one of the largest diameter rings available on the market, Athena’s fire pit rings will provide the large, quality flame you need to impress your guests.

Grand Canyon “H” Burners

Looking for the perfect natural looking flame effect on your natural gas or propane outdoor fire feature? Our stainless-steel H and T Burners will give off the effect of a consistent, dancing flame, captivating your guests. Because we have chosen the highest quality 19-gauge 304 stainless steel for our products, you can rest assure they will hold up against the extreme heat and outdoor elements. Also, the holes have been drilled rather than pressed, to ensure proper flow and eliminate unnecessary noise.

Grand Canyon Drop-In Pans

Our drop-in pans are machined with extreme precision from high-grade quality 16-gauge 304 stainless steel (19-gauge burner) holding up to the strongest of outdoor elements. Using our drop-in pans will reduce the amount of glass and filler needed to fill a fire pit, and gives the effect that the firepit is entirely full of fireglass. By creating a raised bottom, our burner pans will help finish any fire feature with ease. We offer various shapes and sizes to easily fit various design requirements.

Grand Canyon Control Systems

Don’t let the wind and elements ruin your firepit experience. Our Weather Beater Electronic Ignition System will keep your fire feature burning, and will withstand even the strongest wind and weather. Our ignition systems rely on the most dependable components operating up to 290,000 BTUs for use with Natural or Propane Gas. The Weather Beater offers Bluetooth and wifi controls which can easily be controlled via smart phone or tablet. Combined with our firepit pans and burners, the Weather Beater Electronic Ignition System will keep your outdoor fire feature lit even during the most challenging weather mother nature can throw your way.