American Fireglass

American Fire Glass is a pioneer in the fireplace/fire pit glass and burner products industry. What sets us apart is our state-of-the-art manufacturing process, stringent quality control, great customer service, as well as our unique business model.

AFG supplies high quality products to many of the best known firms in the hearth, fireplace and firepit industries. In addition to our OEM clients, AFG products can be found in many upscale restaurants, breweries, hotels, sports stadiums, casinos, celebrity homes and beautiful back yards throughout North America.

Wildcat Fireglass

Transform your fire pit into a showpiece with our Wilcat fire glass! Catch the brilliant reflection of the midday sun or create a shimmering reflection of magnificent flames in the evening. With a mirror finish on one side, our fire glass reflects light wonderfully and when used in place of lava rocks, the flames are beautifully refected to create a mesmerizing fire display.

Grand Canyon Cannon Balls

The Cannonball Series features authentic casted pieces in three stunning colors and sizing options that can be styled simply for a minimalist look or mixed and matched to create a custom, contemporary aesthetic. Thoughtfully crafted for your endless viewing pleasure, our Cannonballs can be nestled in a bed of lava granules or crushed reflective glass to elevate both indoor or outdoor fireplaces and linear fire pits.