Summer is a wonderful time of year, however, come the beginning of September, when we head back to our normal routines, many of us are excited for the change in season: fall fashion, colorful leaves, festivals & fairs.

With colder temperatures at night, and fall and winter festivities on the horizon, it’s a great time to consider home comfort and making interiors cozy for the fall and winter. Decorators often work with seasonal pallets, bringing in stronger colors and warm soft furnishings, making a conversational area in front of a fireplace inviting for family and guests.

Fireplaces are a great investment come the fall. Not only do they act as a secondary heat source taking the chill off a family room, they make a space more inviting and exciting to gather and spend time in.

When it comes to choosing the type of fireplace you want, electric is a great choice – it is versatile, easy to install and efficient. It also comes with a wide range of features that make operation and customizability a breeze.

If you haven’t considered an electric fireplace as an option then you might be operating under some false assumptions about them.  This post will turn those assumptions on their head, and dispel some common myths about electric fireplaces so that you can make an informed choice.

Myth #1: It’s expensive to operate

Pennies a day! That is all it costs to operate an electric fireplace in your home.

While many believe that electric fireplaces are high energy consumers, this is a myth. Based on average electricity rates, the total cost to operate the flame and heater of a 1500 watt electric fireplace is approximately 8¢ per hour (when the heater cycles at 50%).

And, because electric is 100% efficient, all of the inputted energy (and associated costs) is converted to heat and ambiance.

It also has less impact on the environment and your health.

Electric produces zero emissions – no greenhouse gases, no fine particulates and no carbon monoxide. This means you can maintain peace of mind knowing that you family is healthy and because they are the only fireplace that can be fueled by a renewable resource, such as the sun, they really are the next generation in fireplaces.

Myth #2: It’s not realistic

When electric fireplaces first came out (many decades ago!), it did not look as authentic as a natural burning wood fire and, as is the case with most preconceptions, it can be hard to shake.

We are here to convince you otherwise.

Electric fireplaces have come a long way since their conception. Years of innovation and research pioneered by Dimplex, have resulted in beautiful fireplaces that are incredibly realistic.

Technologies like Opti-myst, Opti-V and Revillusion offer flame experiences that would be mistaken for that of a traditional wood burning fireplace, but they come with all the benefits and features that are only available with electric.

Don’t believe us? Check out the video below!

Myth #3: It doesn’t put out enough heat

Electric fireplaces were designed with comfort and convenience in mind and heat production is a big part of that.

All of our electric fireplaces produce a warm, gentle and even heat throughout your space, using silent fan-forced heaters. The amount of space that can be comfortably heated, depends on the output of your electric fireplace. However, an average fireplace with 1500 watt can heat approximately 150 sq. ft. or a 10’x15’ room.

And, as we mentioned before, electric fireplaces are 100% efficient. This means all of the energy used to run the heater is being converted to warmth. There is zero heat escaping out of a vent or chimney, ensuring even more comfort.

Myth #4: You cannot repair it if it breaks

Electric fireplaces and heaters are incredibly reliable. They have very few moving parts to wear down and break.

However, like any appliance, your electric fireplace may require service one day. While it seems that there is a myth out there that electric fireplaces are irreparable, this is not the case.

If your electric fireplace does stop working, there are several steps you can take to bring it back to life.  First, we recommend checking out your owner manual or calling the customer support numberfor your fireplaces manufacturer.

If your fireplace is a Dimplex, you can call 1-888-346-7539. We will be sure to help you find the parts and services you need to get your fireplace operational before the cold weather sets in!

Myth #5: You must operate the flame and heat at the same time

Generally, fireplaces cannot have flame without heat and vice versa, so it is understandable that there would be a common misconception that electric fireplaces are the same way.

However, with electric, the flames and heat operate independently of one another. This means that you can enjoy the ambiance of your fireplace, year-round, without heating up your home. This is an excellent feature for summer operations or if you live somewhere with a warm climate. Similarly, you can operate the heat without the flame. Allowing you to stay warm without having the flame on 100% of the time.

Cost savings, realistic but safe flames, good heat output, reliability and the ability to operate your fireplace without the heat or flame – these are just some of the reasons electric fireplaces are the best choice for your space.

We hope we’ve cleared up so of those electric fireplace misconceptions. If you are interested in getting an electric fireplace, or seeing the range of beautiful wall-mounts, inserts, and fireplace furniture such as media consoles, and mantels, find a local showroom today!

Reposted from Originally posted 12/1/2019