Athena Burners & Fire Glass

Looking for the perfect natural looking flame effect on your natural gas or propane outdoor fire feature? Our stainless-steel H and T Burners will give off the effect of a consistent, dancing flame, captivating your guests. Because we have chosen the highest quality 19-gauge 304 stainless steel for our products, you can rest assure they will hold up against the extreme heat and outdoor elements. Also, the holes have been drilled rather than pressed, to ensure proper flow and eliminate unnecessary noise. Combined with our ½” reflective fire glass, our burners will provide the ultimate out of this world experience.

Add a touch of color, style and texture to your fire feature with Athena’s high grade, reflective fireglass. The mirrored finish and radiant heat of our ½’ glass will surely astonish any guest gathered around your feature. Our premium fireglass is available in 6 vivid colors to fit your style, capture light, and radiate beauty that rivals Pandora, herself. Because we use only the highest quality tempered glass, it won’t melt or produce harmful fumes and soot. Also, great for concealment, the reflective nature of our glass looks stunning even without a flame. Available in 10lb quantities to ensure the proper increments to adequately fill any fire feature.

American Fire Glass


Fire glass burners are an extremely stylish and efficient way to light up a fire glass display worth remembering.

Beautifully designed and steel constructed, our burners are guaranteed to impress all onlookers with their brilliant and uniform flame. Extremely durable, they are also able to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh weather without sustaining any damage or color loss.

We carry a complete set of high quality burners and burner accessories for both outdoor and indoor environments. Our range of products includes: fire pit pans, fire pit rings, H-burners, pan burners, vent-free burners and burner kits. All are available for both natural gas and propane applications.

Encourage your customers to replace those outdated ceramic logs with something stunning and new. Introduce them to an American Fire Glass burner set today!