A powerful blend of experience, imagination and technical horsepower make Skytech the recognized leader in the remote systems industry. For more than 20 years, we have lead the way with bold innovation, bullet-proof reliability and real-time support. When the fireplace and hearth industry need something done right, they count on Skytech to make it happen.

Rutland Products


Rutland Fire Clay Company, also known as Rutland Products, has been the leading manufacturer of stove and fireplace maintenance products since 1883. We offer over 700 quality products to maintain, clean, and repair all types of wood or gas stoves, fireplaces, and chimneys whether indoors or out. We have fire starters, creosote and soot removers, high temperature silicone sealants, cements and mortars, stove door replacement gaskets, as well as chimney cleaning rods and brushes, just to name a few. Rutland Products has been trusted in the home and by professionals for over 130 years!

Minuteman International


We are a family-owned business which was started in 1977, with Minuteman International, making accessories for fireplaces and woodstoves. We successfully established ourselves as an industry leader in hearth products and in 1994, launched Achla Designs, introducing fine wrought-iron pieces for the home and garden. Our in-house design team brings together varied expertise- mechanical engineering, architecture, fine art, sculpture and metallurgy, to create and develop a wide array of products. Everything is manufactured to our particular specifications, using a variety of manufacturing techniques and materials.



HY-C, a USA manufacturer, has been protecting homes and families since 1947 with home improvement products including chimney covers, UL1618 certified stove boards, firewood storage log racks, nuisance wildlife control screens, and cast iron fireplace accessories. Because we manufacture 98% of our products here in the United States, our customers are not waiting for containers that are ‘on the water.’ We provide what you need when you need it.

HY-C people are passionate and committed to high performance. We are here to provide safety, comfort and sustainable living products to improve your life and the life of your home.

Malco Tools


Malco Products, SBC. got its start in 1950 when a young steel supply salesman, Mark W.Keymer, decided to manufacture and market a pipe crimper he had invented for use in installing the “new” sheet metal ductwork used with forced air heating systems. More tools soon followed, including: the first hand seamer to employ compound leverage; a time saving hand notcher that made a V-shaped cut in one motion; and a hand operated, snap lock punch to complete the basic sheet metal tool set. Metal duct fabrication could now be done easily at the job site and the tools were well received by contractor-installers. Mark Keymer’s manufacturing operations had to move from a garage to the more spacious basement of his Minneapolis home. Mr. Keymer relates that the origin of the Malco name came from combining his first name and the first name of an early associate named Al: Malco for “Mark and Al’s Company” (it was Al’s garage). The fledgling tool company’s humble move upward so to speak, from a garage to a basement, was the first of many moves and plant expansions. Over fifty years later, the legacy of innovative products that started “Malco” lives on. The early product line of crimpers, seamers, notchers and punches has since been joined by hundreds of other specialty tools, and Malco is still known for regularly introducing exciting new hand tool designs and modifications for the markets it serves.

Today Malco Products, SBC. is the nation’s leading manufacturer of “tools of the trade” for HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) professionals. In 1975 Malco also created a vital specialty tool market for EXTERIOR REMODELING professionals (Installers of Roofing, Siding and Gutter) and holds the leadership position in that niche as well. Corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in Annandale, Minnesota, just outside the Minneapolis / St. Paul metroplex. Malco continues its founder’s tradition of leadership and innovation by addressing a changing industry landscape and responding to emerging market needs for new specializations and more customized products and services.



Caframo is a privately owned Canadian manufacturing company founded in 1955. We pride ourselves in being an industry leader in laboratory overhead stirrers, specialty fans, heaters, thermoelectric fans, and thermoelectric lighting.



Dante Products offers the finest flex hoses, gas fittings, high quality gas valves, floor plates, fireplace keys, and log lighters!

American Panel


American Panel’s tile and stone hearth pads are handcrafted to provide the ideal foundation for your freestanding gas, wood, pellet, corn, coal or oil stove. Our pads are available in both Ember Protection and Thermal Protection to meet the safety needs of every stove. Our ThermaShieldTM pads offer an R-value of R=1.61, the highest R-value of any manufactured hearth pad. With two frame styles and over 15 tile and stone options, we have the perfect hearth pad to complement your stove and décor.



Condar has long been a respected leader in the hearth industry. Founded 38 years ago, Condar’s humble beginnings centered around a singular goal: to develop the first practical thermometer that could be mounted on the hot surface of a woodstove flue pipe, and still record accurate temperatures. The effort was successful. Condar’s innovative thermometer design was awarded a United States Patent.

Today, Condar is the leading manufacturer of thermometers for woodstoves, offering a variety of designs suitable for any woodstove installation, and used by millions of homeowners around the world.

Stove Bright


While our roots are in Stove Bright® paint and powder coating products, we have crafted Stove Bright® consumer products for the hearth industry:

Glass cleaner, Gas Appliance Glass Cleaner, Stainless Steel Cleaner, BBQ Grill cleaner, Masonry Cleaner, Paint Prep Cleaner, FireStarter, Brass & Metal Polish, Gaskets & Gasket Cement, RTV Silicone Sealant, and M230 Sealant

We pride ourselves on working with our customers in partnership to identify niche market needs and create innovative products.  At our core, we work to develop, launch and continually evolve innovative product assortments.

Stove Bright® high temperature coatings have been developed to provide the highest quality coating for use in applications that require heat resistance up to 1200°F (650°C). With continued research and development, these coating formulations continue to exceed industry demands for improvements in rust protection, chemical resistance, low smoke and other performance characteristics.